My Computer Is Crashing – How to fix my pc.

A computer is called to be crashed when the operating system or installed software ceases to function properly, often exiting after encountering errors.

A computer may crash in the following situations:

  • DLL Incompatibilities
  • Problems with the System Files
  • Obsolete and Junk Registry Entries
  • Application Files are Corrupted
  • Overheating
  • Low Disk Space
  • Misc Causes

Your computer is crashing due to Fix my pc DLL incompatibilities by third party software. Often installing unsupported software result in DLLs incompatibility and thereby crashing the corresponding application software.

Recently installed software may be responsible for installing unsupported DLL files. Uninstall it as instructed below:

  • Click Start | Control Panel.
  • Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.
  • Select the software that installed incompatible DLLs.
  • Click Uninstall button and follow the wizard.
  • Reboot the system after completion.

Fix my pc- Problems with the System Files:

Generally we don’t modify the state of our system files without any reason. However, third party programs and virus infection may result in system files modifications. First of all, insert Microsoft Windows installation disc in your CD Drive and click Start | Run. Type SFC/ Scan Now to start System File Checker (SFC) tool. Then follow the on screen instructions.

Fix my pc Obsolete and Junk Registry Entries:

Windows Registry is the database containing hardware information, software configurations, user preferences and other relevant information. Various tasks lead to obsolete and junk registry entries and thereby your computer is crashing. Since there is no built-in registry cleaner software in Microsoft Windows, you are recommended to use third-party registry cleaner software.

Application Files are corrupted:

Moving or deleting the application files may result in runtime errors and thereby your computer crashes. If the files required to run the application do not exist, the system crash occurs.


Processor overheating often results in freezing up and then crashing if your computer. If you have a laptop, then install a CPU Cooling Pad. For desktop computers, turn on the air conditioner in computer room.

Low Disk Space:

Your computer is crashing because of not having adequate hard disk space to perform its regular operations. Good Registry Cleaner software may also include the system cleaner feature. So clear the disk space using a System Cleaner tool. Otherwise, click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Cleanup.

It may be possible that your computer is crashing due to any other issues. I will show you how to restore your system to an earlier state. System Restore is built-in software that lets you restore the state of your system to an earlier point. For using System Restore, you must have created a system restore point before few days or otherwise you can use an automatically created restore point.

  1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore.
  2. Click Next button.
  3. On the Select a system restore point page, select a system restore point.
  4. Click Next button.
  5. Please follow the wizard your own.

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