Chimney cleaning Fairfax VA an Important Task Indeed.

The NFPA recommends that every home owner in the US should have their chimney cleaned and inspected every year. This one thing would almost end the 30,000 chimney fires that happen every year. Yet even with this advice many homes chimneys go neglected year after year. As a skilled chimney sweeper this saddens me. If only there were more fire safety awareness about these issues, many more homes and families would be safe. Have you ever met someone who went through such a catastrophe? Let me tell you what happens. Your insurance company tells these people that they are limited to the spending budget on the hotel fare for you and your family. Then you must fight to get compensated for all of your personal belongings that were burnt to a crisp. This does not even touch on the fact that you have just lost everything you own and some things are not able to be replaced. Such as little Jimmie’s little league pictures. Chimney cleaning Fairfax VA – Things that you cannot put a price tag on. Once you have a chimney fire it is an uphill battle to just get back to where you were before. Now there is a simple solution. Having a skilled chimney sweeper clean and inspect your chimney every year will cut this problem from ever happening to you. In fact your insurance may even cost less per year if you have this service done…..

Chimney cleaning Fairfax VA – Check with your insurance agency to see if this could save you some money.

Once you come to the decision to have your chimney cleaned every year, you need to be sure the person you hire is doing the job the proper way. Not every company does the job the right way. I am going to give you some basic advice on what to look for in a chimney service. Any time you’re having issues with your chimney, an inspection is necessary. Chimney cleaning Fairfax VA – A chimney cleaning may be recommended, but sometimes the solution will be something even simpler. If you just purchased your home, an inspection is a good idea. Even if the last homeowner claims they had one recently, it’s not worth the risk. As we mentioned, winter weather may drive pests into your chimney. However, the elements may have damaged the structure too. So it’s a good idea to call for an inspection when the thaw comes even if you don’t have vermin problems in your neighborhood….