Lightning Cans – Apple iPhone 5 Review and Features.

The iPhone 5 is almost the same smartphone as the earlier iPhone 4s. It is thinner with a faster processor! This iconic phone just got a little better; it’s much more refined due to the trending larger front screen and thinner profile. As an iPhone user I was curious to see how the new iPhone 5 measured up to the older version. How can this new generation iPhone become even better and faster in only a short period of time? Can the fine people at Apple create something visionary or will they continue to bring us the same old thing dressed up with a few extra features? This was a huge challenge to conquer. The iPhone 5 is a much better phone from the bottom upwards. Instead of reviewing this new iPhone model I think it makes sense to give you my honest opinion from an actual customer

First of all the one thing you will notice right away is how Lightning Cans the phone is

Almost 20% lighter with a much larger surface area, which makes it, feel even lighter. This iPhone 5 doesn’t feel cheap at all it takes us back to the original days of the metal back. It has changed in a number of ways such as screen size, layout of the charging connector, distance between the ear piece and display at the bottom. Instead of a glass back it is now made up of aluminum, just like the Mac pro! It is much more solid and you can feel the quality of craftsmanship built into this devise.

The headphone jack used to be on top of the iPhone but in the new iPhone 5 it is moved to the bottom. I’m not sure if that actually made sense because now if you place the phone on a cup holder in the car it will have to be upside down but as you pick it up it will be easier to use right away. The new configuration had something to do more with the actual internal parts and how they fit the previous design. Apple was able to make this new model thinner just by moving this accessory. Another major change is the new connector. It’s called the lightning and it’s very small and reversible. It is more solid and won’t break as often. These two changes enabled Apple to make the iPhone 5 thinner. The last changes are the new Nano sim card slot that introduces a new sim card again. Upgraded speakers and microphones are added to the changes as well. Crystal clear speakers are clear and undistorted. They have 3 microphones to help with video recording and noise cancellation